Customer Service Process FAQ | BPM Microsystems

  • Where is the initial document to enter a case located?

Cases are currently automatically created by sending an email to When an email is sent to you will receive an automatic response with your case number.  Please keep all conversations regarding your case in this email string to avoid duplicate cases being created and information being lost.

  • How do I check the status of a case? Is there a web based link?

There is currently no web based link to enter cases, but this feature is being developed for use in the near future.  This development will also include a way for customers to access details concerning the progress of their case online.  At the moment the best way for a customer to get updates regarding their case is to reply to the email thread that the case was started on asking for updates.

  • Should I always include on all correspondence?

Yes.  If is taken off of the email then the information that you are sending will not be added to the case.  If the individual BPM employee that you are emailing isn’t available then no one will be able to answer your questions.  Always include and never remove it from copy.

  • Is it helpful to always include both the reference number and case number?

If all questions are contained to the original email thread then the customer will not have to manually add this information.  The reference string and case number will stay in the email thread.

  • I received an email saying that my case was closed, but I still have questions regarding the case. What should I do?

If your case was closed in error or you still have questions related to the original case then simply respond to the original email thread asking for BPM to reopen the case. We will reopen your case and get your additional questions resolved as quickly as possible.

  • I received an email saying that my case had been escalated. What does this mean and when will my case be resolved?

This means that a BPM employee has escalated the status of your case so that it will be handled at a higher priority.  Cases where the customer is unable to program any devices due to equipment or algorithm failure are generally the issues that are escalated.  The BPM management team will receive a notification that the case needs extra attention and we will make sure that a resolution is reached as soon as possible.  This doesn’t always mean that a resolution will be reached the next day.  Some issues are more complicated and require additional time to be resolved.  The escalation simply means that the team will constantly be working on the problem.

  • What information can I provide to make sure that my case is resolved as quickly as possible?

Cases are often delayed because the BPM team has to request further information from the customer. Sometimes this is unavoidable due to the nature of the problem, but there are certain things that should always be included:

  • Blackbox file for autohandler or algorithm issues.
  • Pictures or screen shots of the problem are often underestimated. With visual data there is no question as to what is happening.
  • A through description of the problem is appreciated. There is no such thing as too much information.