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The 3710-MK2 is one of the best-selling automated systems on the market. As part of our 7th Generation product line, it supports all device technologies including FPGAs, PLDs, antifuse, memory, microcontrollers and more. With the ability to program up to 16 devices in parallel, or 1,100 devices per hour, on-the-fly vision centering for higher throughput and fine-pitch handling, plus support for more than 40,000 devices and counting, the 3710-MK2 is your trusted solution.

Thousands of Socket Modules
Choose from existing support for thousands of socket modules when you program with the 3710-MK2. Our socket modules provide you with an electro-mechanical interface between your semiconductor device and the programmer. They’re precisely designed to deliver high-fidelity waveforms to the programmable device, ensuring very high first-pass yield.

FX4 Technology
We introduced FX4™ socket module technology with the release of our 7th Generation product line, which increases the number of programming sockets per site from one to four. This means that with FX4 socket modules you get four times the throughput for your memory and microcontroller devices. The 7th Generation product line also gives you the option of using any standard socket module or high-speed FX™ socket module.

The 3710-MK2 is designed with a small footprint and is configurable to fit your device programming requirements – whatever they may be. It supports tray, tube, and tape input and output media as well as laser marking all at the same time.

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