BPWin is a powerful software solution that complements BPM device programming hardware. BPWin is the universal programming hub for all BPM technology. This process control software gives you the functionality, quality and control you need from design to production. It contains the features you need to setup and run your jobs as well as an ever-growing collection of certified algorithms that direct the programming. Our teams of engineers are passionate about improving and optimizing BPWin for our customers. Software updates with new features and algos occur weekly to every two weeks. The user-friendly interface helps you setup, run and save your programming jobs with ease. Factory integration through the BPWin API unlocks the full potential of your operations and helps streamline factory processes. BPWin offers a variety of solutions for serialization and secure programming depending on your programming requirements. Thorough reporting and visualizations provide intuitive summaries of each job and identify areas to maximize utilization. BPWin provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you maximize productivity and yield.

Standard Supported Processes

ID Check, Blank Check, Continuity, Auto Start, Compare, Read, Sum, Erase, Program, Verify, Multi-Pass Verify

Secure Serialization for Tracking and Protection

BPWin serialization functionality is the most flexible on the market and supports a broad range of needs from simple device tracking to complex serialization and security needs. Security solutions may be new for our competitors, but BPWin has been providing customers mission critical security solutions for years. Depending on your programming requirements, BPWin can help you quickly, accurately and securely. BPWin serialization and security supports programming basic serial numbers as well as complex unique data items like MAC addresses, encryption keys, GUIDs, randomization seeds and more. The simplest serialization requirements may be configured via the BPWin user interface. Complex serialization feature allows you to generate serialization data in most any form and number of address required on the device. Device-driven serialization allows bi-directional communication between the device and the External Serialization Server for a custom process flow. For ultimate security, the External Serialization Server allows you to securely obtain unique serialization data from a secure location you specify.

Customize Your Operations with Factory Integration

Put BPWin to work for you with our factory integration toolkit. The key to unlocking the full potential of your device programming operation lies in your ability to gain a timely understanding of what is actually happening on your production floor. The BPWin API provides a toolkit of integrations allowing BPWin to work seamlessly with your production processes. For centralized reporting, auditing, and statistics, use the API to export programmer site status information in real-time. For external control of job related functions, use the API to control the configuration, start or stop a job. Designed specifically for BPM customers, the BPWin API gives you control of your device programming process and makes information available where, when and how you need it.

Save Time with JobMaster

BPWin JobMaster simplifies both manual and automated device programming production. It allows you to prepare programming jobs to meet precise specifications, text the results, and protect your routine so you get the same quality results every time. JobMaster is easy to use. It takes the guesswork out of setting up your job. From choosing a device, to selecting a data pattern, to special configurations, JobMaster makes it easy. JobMaster also lets you securely share a job file across authorized programmers. This is very helpful when you have multiple programmers dedicated to the same job. Secure sharing through JobMaster saves you time and ensures repeatable production programming.

Streamlined Media Workflow Configuration

BPWin media workflow configuration makes it easy to organize your media workflow. Media categories include sources, programmers, markers, destinations and rejects. The input/output media stations include top, tray, tube, laser and label. Simply designate your desired media station, then drag and drop your selection into the media category of the workflow. You can also categorize reject media stations to identify failures that need corrective action.

Automated Job Status Notifications

When your system sits idle, you lose valuable production time. With automated job status notifications, you can maximize the uptime of your system and optimize your team productivity. BPWin automatically emails you when an important system event occurs. Easily configure which notifications you want to receive, such as when your job is complete, or if there is a pick-and-place error. You may setup notifications for multiple people. With automated notifications, you can decrease idle time and maximize productivity.

Job Summary for Quality Assurance

BPWin Job Summary provides a snapshot of your job session. Confirming the results of each job is critical to a high quality process. When the job ends, the Job Summary reports critical job information including data pattern, device specific configurations, serialization information, devices per hour, total devices processed, yield by system, site and socket and socket module insertion count. The Job Summary report may be printed or saved as an HTML file.

Black Box System Monitoring and Archive

BPWin Black Box logging with visualization tools helps you track the performance of your programmer and pinpoint the root cause of an unexpected event. The Black Box starts with each job and records the actions of the programming process. The information is time-stamped so you can easily locate information chronologically. The graphical charts allows you to easily view system events. The Black Box file archives automatically to your hard drive in HMTL format for easy retrieval and use.

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