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How do I get an RMA from BPM Microsystems?

Describes information necessary to obtain a warranty and a non-warranty RMA from BPM Microsystems


Non-Warranty RMA Questionnaire
RMA Questionnaire.pdf

Warranty RMA Questionnaire
Warranty RMA Questionnaire.pdf

BPM Microsystems utilizes an RMA or Return Material Authorization process to send hardware to the factory for repair. You MUST contact BPM Microsystems Technical Support to obtain an RMA number before shipping any equipment to the factory. Please contact Technical Support by email with the required information at: tech@bpmmicro.com for RMA consideration.

The following information should be available when contacting BPM Microsystems Technical Support team for most efficient processing.

Required Information:
Programmer and/or socket module part number
Respective serial number(s)
BPWin version and date
What is the exact issue or error
What are the results of diagnostics on the programmer, programmer site and/or socket module in question (note: diagnostics can be run from Tools/Programmer Diagnostics in BPWin)
PO for minimum repair charges is normally required for RMA issuance. The PO contains all the usual and customary information such as Ship To, Bill To, shipping method, carrier account and priority information as well as terms with BPM Microsystems. Charges as of the writing of this document (7.18.2011) are $250.00 per item received. This is the minimum evaluation charge for each piece of hardware received. Once the RMA is evaluated BPM Microsystems will contact you with a repair estimate for final PO. Note: Calibration charges are currently $135.00 per site. Prices subject to change.

Additional Information That May Be Requested:
Log files
Exact order of operations to exhibit the problem
Is there a known workaround to the problem or failure
If the failure is device specific what are the full markings on the face of your device
Can you send your .bp job file

**Purchase Order Requirements for RMA

Purchase Order Requirements

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