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About BPM


Founded in 1985, BPM serves more than 2,000 programming centers, original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers in over 42 countries. BPM programmers feature high-performance device handling, advanced serialization and quality control, meeting the highest programming and cyber security standards for automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial and mobile device industries. With BPM, you get intelligently designed systems that deliver the lowest programming cost per device. From low volume first articles to high volume production, BPM Microsystems has a solution to meet your needs today and into the future.



Award-Winning Support


We continue to lead the industry in universal device support for programmable semiconductor devices by releasing new programming algorithms five times per week.  Our modular design means that the same algorithms used on our engineering programmers also run on our production programmers, ensuring a smooth and rapid transition from prototype to production. BPM Microsystems offers comprehensive, worldwide technical support and user training.  Our customer focus has set the standard in support, performance, ease-of-use, and lower total cost-of-ownership.



Industry Leadership


Having delivered more fine-pitch automated programming systems than all of our competitors combined, BPM Microsystems sets the standard in the industry. The company has once again advanced technology with the innovation its 9th Generation series of programmers, the fastest universal programmers supporting MCUs, FPGA, eMMC, NAND, NOR, Serial Flash memory devices and more. These programmers use the same proven technology that established BPM Flashstream® as the fastest dedicated flash programmer on the market.


Message from the CEO


Who depends on our products and services?  This question inspires us to deliver our very best every day. Our legacy has been delivering billions of accurately programmed devices over the years through our users.  It is hard to find a human that doesn’t depend on us in very real ways.  Automobiles, smart phones, Internet routers, satellites, medical equipment – these are mission-critical applications that serve practically every person on the planet.  When you think about the consequences of even a single device failing to operate properly in an airbag circuit, a pacemaker or an autopilot, you see why we care so much.  Our customers know that when it absolutely has to be programmed correctly, you turn to BPM Microsystems for solutions.  Frankly, it’s hard to think of another company regardless of size that helps so many people every day.
We can make a difference in the world.  And, each of us knows that by making our own contribution to this mission, we have done enough.



William White
Founder and CEO
BPM Microsystems




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