The 3800-MK2 is in a class by itself. Combining the fastest programming technology with a system capable of handling a range of devices from the largest QFP to the smallest CSP, you can be confident the system can support your programming requirements today and in the future. 

Truly Universal Programming Site Technology

At the heart of the 3800-MK2 is the unmatched speed, versatility and reliability exclusively offered by 8th Generation programming technology.  8th Gen outperforms the competition with speed and versatility to support everything from the latest high-density flash memory and most advanced microcontrollers, while also supporting PLD’s, FPGA’s and other device technologies.

The Vector Engine Advantage

We designed the Vector Engine Co-Processor with adaptability in mind. As faster devices are introduced onto the market, Vector Engine adapts to take advantage of these advancements with even faster programming times.

Vector Engine® BitBlast with DDR Mode support is the latest example of how the advanced Vector Engine design sets us apart from the competition.   DDR Mode allows us to achieve programming speeds that are 2X faster than our nearest competitor.  While the competition’s core technology is quite static, Vector Engine continues to evolve and provide customers with even greater programming speeds. What’s best is that existing customers get access to these great technological leaps forward with their existing 8th Gen programming technology.

8th Gen with Vector Engine produces programming speeds that are 2X to 9X faster than our competitors for a range of flash technologies, such as NAND, NOR and Serial Flash.  As device densities increase, our customers are faced with the challenge of programming larger data files.  With the fastest programming speeds in the industry, our customers are able to maximize their capital equipment investment.

Programming equipment investment is directly related to the speed at which you can program devices.  Faster programming speeds allow you to produce more devices on fewer machines with fewer sockets and in less time.  Simply put, our proprietary Vector Engine® technology is your performance advantage!

All-In-One Solution

The 3800MK2 is designed with a small footprint and is highly configurable to adapt to all of your programming requirements. This single programming solution supports tape, tray, tube and marking.  User defined work-flow settings and quick setup and changeover allow you to maximize the machine uptime and output regardless of the job lot size.

High-Quality Socket Cards

Socket cards provide the electro-mechanical interface between your device and the programmer. They’re precisely designed to deliver high-fidelity waveforms to the programmable device, ensuring very high first-pass yield. Each individual socket card can be fully utilized and easily replaced to maintain full programming capacity. BPM Microsystems offers a full range of socket solutions, from standard socket modules and socket cards to our new EDGE™ High Performance Programming Socket.

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Vector Engine® with BitBlast It's faster than ever before


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